Tips to Make Relationships Last Longer- Love Bonding

RELATIONSHIPS:- (Relationships Love Bonding)

How many of the people have learned how to build strong and loving relationships? Where did we learn? At home or at school? (Relationships Love Bonding)

Relationships Love Bonding
Relationships Love Bonding

It is an art and science to build a strong and a healthy relationship. These are some love tips, written in accordance with romantic relationships in mind.

TIPS:- (Relationships Love Bonding)

  • Create a safe environment where one can trust and share openly without any fear:-

Don’t interrupt, even if a person needs to put the hand on the mouth to stop himself. Do not call each other with stupid names. Do not threaten anyone. Apologize whenever needed. If a person is too angry to listen, then just go into another room and take some space, breathe, and calm down.

  • Separate the facts from the feelings:-

What beliefs and feeling get triggered in a person during conflicts? Is there something from my past that is influencing? Is this about him/her? What’s the truth?

Once you’re able to differentiate the facts from the feelings, the person will see the partner more clearly and will be able to resolve conflicts with more clarity.

Relationships Love Bonding
Relationships Love Bonding
  • Connect with yourself properly:-

Each of a person is not a solo instrument. It’s more like a choir of several voices. What is the mind, heart, body and the “gut” saying?

For example, The mind is saying “leave her,” but the heart says “I love her.”

Let these different voices co-exist and speak to each another. In this way finding an answer will be a lot easier.

  • Say the “hard things”:-

Become aware of the hard things that a person is not talking about. No matter what a person is feeling in a situation, transfer the energy of emotions so that one says what needs to say.

  • Create a “we” in the house:-

The foundation of a healthy and a growing relationship is being separate but connected. In relationships, each person sacrifices a part of him/herself, compromising the relationship as a whole. When a person is separate and connected, each individual “I” contributes to forming a “we” which is stronger than the sum of its parts.

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SOME MORE TIPS:- (Relationships Love Bonding)

  • Heal yourself not the partner:-

Don’t expect the partner to fill your emotional holes, and do not try to fill theirs. Ultimately, each of us can only heal ourselves. The partner can support the journey as one work with himself/herself. In fact, living in a loving relationship is itself a healing.

  • Cherish the difference between each other:-

The differences between each other are not negatives. A person does not need a relationship with someone who shares all of their interests and views. Sometimes we may fear that these differences are incompatibilities, but in fact, they are the ways that keep a relationship exciting and full of fire.

  • Ask questions:-

We make up our own interpretations about what the partner’s behavior means.

For example: “She doesn’t want to cuddle, she must really don’t love me anymore.”

It is important is to hear what’s not being said, i.e, the facts and feelings that one sense might be unspoken.

Relationships Love Bonding
Relationships Love Bonding
  • Make time for the relationship:-

A person needs to nurture the relationship. Schedule the time for each other in a relationship. It includes dates and also taking out time together. Create a sacred space together by shutting off things technological and digital. The more you tend to the relationship, the more healthy it will be.

  • Develop compassion:-

Practice observing you and your partner without judging each other. Part of a person might judge, but you do not have to go along with it. Judging leads to closing of the door. The invert of judging is compassion. When a person is compassionate, he/she is open, connected, and more available for each other and listen to each other more respectfully. Learn to see the partner compassionately, this will improve the power of a person to choose rather than reaction.

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