Aware to Virus Threat

Nowadays we are living in a very high technology life since our life and even every activity in our life in closely related to the technology, such as computer and the internet. Those two things are the most important things in life since there are many works that can be done easily by utilizing those two. Things like online learning, online shopping etc can now possible to be done.

And if you are often working with the computers you must be aware to the threat of computer virus. This computer virus is basically a small program made by bad person to destroy and to mess up with our computer system.

Computer virus is sprat by many ways such as when you are visiting some websites on the net, attachment on emails, portable data storage etc. in brief there are a lot of virus sources. Some viruses are very mild and easy to remove, but some other is very dangerous and they can even destroy your data storage and wipe out the entire data. You might don’t want to risk your important file and therefore you must do data backup. For large size of data, such as company data use the online backup data process, which is offered by Backup-technology. com.

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