Aware to Virus Threat

Nowadays we are living in a very high technology life since our life and even every activity in our life in closely related to the technology, such as computer and the internet. Those two things are the most important things in life since there are many works that can be done easily by utilizing those two. Things like online learning, online shopping etc can now possible to be done.

And if you are often working with the computers you must be aware to the threat of computer virus. This computer virus is basically a small program made by bad person to destroy and to mess up with our computer system.

Computer virus is sprat by many ways such as when you are visiting some websites on the net, attachment on emails, portable data storage etc. in brief there are a lot of virus sources. Some viruses are very mild and easy to remove, but some other is very dangerous and they can even destroy your data storage and wipe out the entire data. You might don’t want to risk your important file and therefore you must do data backup. For large size of data, such as company data use the online backup data process, which is offered by Backup-technology. com.

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Backup Data over the Air

Internet has made everything becomes easier and faster. This is because internet has this wondrous ability to connect one party to another instantly.

Internet can even connect many people in one time. Only from this simple internet characteristic there are now so many new activities possible to be done. Like for example the online shopping activity, distant learning online game etc. Those activities are possible to be done thanks to the internet.

Not only individual but actually the bigger scale of internet users, such as companies also gets a lot of benefit from the internet. Their business is now becoming more and more conformable because of the internet. One feature that is very beneficial to be utilize by a company is the online backup of their data. To back up important data of a company is very important, but big sized data will take forever to be backed up by using the conventional way and therefore use the online data backup service provided by Backup-technology. com.

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Backup the Data

Technology has always been very kind to people. Technology makes many inventions possible to make and those inventions are really helpful for human life. There are many examples of technological product that are already being used to help human life such as cars, telephone, and the internet. But just like any other things in the world, everything is made in balance so if there is good effect of something there must be bad effect on the other side.

The obvious example is the usage of computer and internet. The usage of these two technological invention is keep on increasing and increasing since the technology price is getting cheaper and people are no starting to realize those two things are so important in life. But on the other hand, if we do not use those things carefully, your computer and network might be infected by viruses. Virus is a bad program made by bad person just to destroy and simply to disturb someone’s computer and network. Some of the viruses are not so damaging, but some others can even wipe out the entire data that you have. If you are working in a company with such enormous amount of data stored, you better find a way to backup the data or your company may have problems in its business continuity when the data loss.

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Avoid the Data Loss Possibility

In this modern era, computer already becomes inseparable part of our life. Almost every activity that we doo involves computer in it. The involvement of the computer is more and more intense when we need to work on something that only computer can do such as typing or calculating something important. No matter what you do with your computer, you definitely must save the data in your computer data storage.

This activity is not only done by individual as the computer user but also done in a larger scale of corporate or business. Even in this level, the usage of computer is more intense. In order to work properly a unit in a company must be equipped with sufficient computer system and network. But no matter how good the security system is, there will always be threat for your data storage system. Well perhaps if in the personal level data loss will not really affect his life but in a corporate level data loss can threat the business continuity.

Therefore it is very important to backup the data of a company in a safer and secured place. There are so many companies that offer data backup service but most of them are still using the manual data backup process.

You can choose the online backup service provided by Backup-technology. com which is easier faster and cheaper than the conventional backup procedure.

Disaster won’t let You Down

Human being is perhaps the smartest creature on the planet, but still there are many things that are beyond their control. People can’t control the weather, people can’t control the tide and people can’t control the disaster.

Disaster is the deadliest natural occurrence that can kill as many people as possible and we can’t control it. All we can do is to prepare anything necessary to face it.

Of course there are many things that are directly influenced by the natural disaster. But let’s us just focus on one thing which is the data loss.

Data is very essential thing for almost all people. And not just individual users but data is even more important for institution such as companies.

Losing important data can means losing billions of dollars for them. And the most likely occurrence that can wipe out the entire important data is the disaster. Disaster such as fire or earth quake can easily destroy your data center and wipe out the data. If your company doesn’t want to take the chance to lose the important data, try the online backup data service that is offered by Backup-technology. com.

Online technology in doing backup data is of course make the data transfer easier and cheaper. Just visit the website for more information, but just put in your mind that losing the data of your company can directly interfere with your business continuity.

Protect Your Data

Data is one simple but a very essential word. Take this very simple example. You are working on your essay paper that your teacher gave you and tomorrow is the due date. You did your best with all of the effort you have to do the essay and suddenly your computer is broke and you loss the entire data including the freshly finished essay paper. You don’t have any more time to redo it. It is like that you will have a very miserable life the next morning when the teacher asks the students to hand in their work.

Well those illustration is just a very simple example of what could happen if someone lose his data, and I believe that you can also imagine what will happen if one billion dollars worth company loses its important data. Yes losing even only a bit of important data can definitely has an impact toward its business continuity. Data is very important so make sure that no matter whom you are; try to protect your data by doing backup data, especially for your important data.

For a company scale data backup, of course doing manual tape data backup is very time consuming and expensive. As an alternative, try the online backup service. One of the companies that offer such service is the Backup-technology. com. Visit this website for more information on what the company offering.

Prepare for the Worst Case Scenario

In earning money, there are mainly two options that people can choose. One is applying to work as an employee in a company, or you can also try to open your own business. Of course to choose the first one is the safer and easier way to earn money but you will only get limited amount of money. If you like the chance to get limitless amount of money try to set up your own business.

But to take care of a business is very difficult since there are simply so many things that have to be considered. And only with the word of data, you can drag your company into a nightmare of problems. Data is a simple but important work for your business. Data is where you store your client’s file, your transaction file, and even the number money you owned. Loosing such important data will threaten your business continuity.

You can’t take any risk and just leave your data unprotected. For such important data, data backup is a must and if you desire fast and reliable data backup process, try the online backup data process from Backup-technology. com. You can get many different services of data back up in here. So visit this website immediately.

Secure Your Data

There is one term that now is becoming more and more popular, thanks to the invention of the computers and the internet. The term is data. Perhaps before the computer was invented, this term is not so popular, but now this word is perhaps the most often spoken word in the world. Data is very popular as well as very important for both individuals and a company. While individuals usually only help some simple and small size of data. A company can store enormous amount of data in their database and the data is very important.

Data, especially for the company is very important because it is directly related to the business continuity of the data. Loss of data can means loss of customers or even loss of profit. So it is very important to do back up data immediately before something goes wrong and wipe out your entire data. You can’t just rely on your office strong security system to ensure the safety of your data. If something happens beyond our control, let’s say a disaster, you may lose the data no matter how good your office security system is.

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The Wonder of the Technology

It is been long regarded that the technology is actually built for the sake of human being. There are nowadays so many technology products that are made, and can be used to increase the quality of human’s life. And technology development is very dynamic. It will always change through the time and try to create better life for human being.

Compared to perhaps twenty or ten years ago, nowadays we are living is so wonderful world; we can nowadays use so many technological products to help our life. And in a larger scale companies and other business institutions are also enjoying the product of technology. One of the latest inventions of technology in business environment is the online backup data service. There are still a few companies that offer such services; one of them is the Backup-technology. com.

Besides that service, this company also offers some disaster recovery service. They will restore the entire data of your company that lost during the disaster. This is of course very important for your business continuity. Isn’t it wonderful? Now you don’t have to worry anymore when you need to back up your company data since there is now easier solution offered by this company. So visit this website now.

Tips in Choosing IT Support Companies

IT support system is very crucial in your companies working life. It’s the one that you confide in when you encounter technical problems of computer, website, or software deal. Today there’re lots of IT support companies offering various services, starting from regular maintenance to online backup and affordable VoIP phone systems. You can pick whatever IT support companies that you like, but be sure of their qualities and abilities before really appointing one to support your business.


Here’re several tips that can help you in picking the most suitable service.

  • Although most of the work will be done online, it’s important to meet them face to face for an interview. Not only you get to see the real people responsible for your system’s safety but also you get to know for sure about their qualities.


  • When they live far away, you can interview them by using Skype or a webcam. Make it interactive interview.


  • Don’t pay attention to the years of their experience. Put detail attention to their real skills. It’s no use of having an expert who says to have years of experience, but actually has zero skills. That person might have years of experience watching other people work, not his own doing.


  • Technology is always changing fast. You need to have someone who also follows up the current update, so that person knows which software or way is the best for your system.


Those the things you should consider before choosing the right IT support company.